20 Secrets of a Makeup Artist Every Woman Should Learn

You can ruin your look with cakey makeup, bad foundation, or lipstick that moves. These makeup tricks will make you beautiful every day.

Makeup tips to create a flawless look

It doesn’t matter if you are a makeup pro or a novice. The best foundations, concealers, and eye shadows will make you look more youthful, more polished, and just as beautiful in photos if you are able to choose the right products and know how to use them. You’ve likely found yourself wondering what makeup artists know.

They know that makeup should not make you look different. Makeup should highlight what makes you unique. Vanessa Valliant, a Chicago-based makeup artist, says that she tries to help her clients be their best selves by enhancing their natural beauty. “I want every woman to be happy with themselves and embrace their natural beauty.”

There are many easy ways to achieve this look without having to have a consultation with a professional or be a master of makeup. To help you look beautiful every day, we spoke with top makeup artists across the country. We gathered the best tips from them. These tips range from how to properly apply each product to find the best makeup for older women. These makeup hacks could change your life.

Prepare your skin

Your skin is an artist’s canvas. Your makeup won’t look good on skin that is dry or bumpy. Shanell Sorrells, a Los Angeles makeup artist, says that taking a few extra minutes to ensure your skin is moisturized, exfoliated, and primed before applying makeup will make it look 10x better. After each step is complete, allow the product to soak for between 20 and 30 seconds. Then you can apply your makeup. Add a primer to your foundation after these steps. It will give it something to stick to and will help make it last longer. It will also fill in wrinkles and fine lines, giving you a younger, more polished look.

Consider your skin’s requirements when choosing the best primer and moisturizer for you. A mattifying formula may be the best choice for you if your skin is oily. Sorrells recommends Dr. Dennis Gross’s Mini Alpha Beta Extra Strong Daily Peel Pads. She says that they can be used to treat dry patches and texture skin.

One favorite feature should be highlighted

Love your blue eyes? Maybe you have always loved your fuller lips. You can choose your favorite feature to highlight if you have a limited time. Sorrells says, “It may seem obvious, but it will make you feel more confident when you see that feature done up in the mirror.” You can make this feature the focal point of attention by keeping the rest of your face neutral and adding a splash of color to it. To make your eyes pop, you can use bold eyeliner or bright lipstick.

It’s easy to be bold with different palettes, from neutrals to brights. With just a swipe of your eyeshadow brush, this 18-shadow collection by Pat McGrath Labs can transform you from daytime beauty to nighttime glamour.

Start with a light touch, then increase

When it comes to makeup application, less is more. It’s much easier to apply makeup products after they have been applied than to take them off. This is especially true for concealers. You don’t want to make your concealment too obvious. Aimee Carr (founder of Voodoo makeup) says that you should start with a little and then increase as necessary. Apply a small amount to the skin and blend with a brush. This will help you get the right amount.

A concealer that has a doe-foot applicator (a tiny sponge at the end of a wand) is recommended. This can be used to apply concealers such as the one in Tarte’s Shape Tape Full Coverage Containing Concealer. It comes in a variety of colors. Bonus: This concealer has a 16-hour shelf life and is rich in shea butter and mango butter, which provides a significant amount of hydration.

Use fluffy eyeshadow brushes

Do you have crinkles and crepey skin around your eyes? The way you apply shadows can either enhance or decrease their appearance. You’ll probably prefer the former. Many people mistakenly use a flat, blunt brush to apply shadow. Janelle Thomason (founder of Cosmakery Cosmetics), says that a fluffier brush is better than a flat one for an airbrushed look. While a flat brush is more precise, the fine tip can deposit a lot of pigment into fine lines making them pop. A fluffy makeup brush will diffuse shadows and leave no harsh lines behind.

Sephora’s Pro Crease Brush has a wonderful shape. To remove any product, swirl it around in shadow and tap the brush to clean it. You’re ready to go! This is one of the easiest makeup tricks you’ll ever see!

Smooth your lips for perfect lipstick application

Which sounds more appealing, smooth, soft lips or a sandpapery pout? It’s obvious. The answer is obvious. Instead of slapping on lipstick and hoping for the best, prepare your lips first. Sarah Roberts, a makeup artist and founder of A Beauty Edit, says that you should first exfoliate your lips using a lip scrub. This will remove any skin cells. To moisturize your lips, apply a lip primer.

You could also try an overnight lip mask like Winkylux’s Lip Sleeping Mask to keep your lips in top shape. It is rich in moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic and vitamin E that penetrate the skin overnight for maximum hydration.

Keep your lipstick where it belongs

As you age, your mouth will develop lines. Unfortunately, lipstick can cause fine lines to appear and attract attention. Lip liners can stop products from sinking in the lines of your face. Many people believe that choosing a color that matches their natural lips is the best way to go. However, this can cause lipsticks to look different. Roberts suggests that you choose a lipliner that matches your lipstick. Fill in the lips by drawing around your mouth. Apply lipstick using a brush or directly from the tube.

Get a product that is one-and-done

You don’t have to use a lot of products to achieve a full look. Pro makeup artists swear by using one product to apply makeup to your eyes, cheeks, and lips. It’s easy and gives you a monochrome look that is natural, breezy, and stunning. What is this magic makeup product? Eve Dawes, the creator of Dawes Custom Cosmetics, says that cream lipsticks can be used as multitasking products for your cheeks, lips, and eyes. Apply as usual to the lips. Apply a little to your cheeks. Rub your thumbs together, then apply the product gently to your cheeks. Your fingers are best for eyes because the heat allows the product to blend well.

It is important to choose the right shade. This guide will help you find the best lipstick color for your skin. Super-bright colors might not work for all three areas. 

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