Your best friend is getting married, and you are the bridesmaid. You’ve decided on everything from your outfit to shoes and jewellery. Now, you realize that the wedding is just a week away. You aren’t sure what makeup you should wear with it. Don’t worry, we gotcha! From subtle to OTT, we have all the inspiration you need for bridesmaid makeup.

Glamorous gold

Let’s begin with this amazing look Bebo wore a while ago. This shimmery champagne eyeshadow and smoked out eyeliner are just what you need to be glam. Add kohl to your eyes to make them even more fab. To give your face a more sunkissed look, contour and bronze it. Finish it off with a nude lip. This is a *chef’s kiss*.

Bright Blue

These rose gold and brown smokey eyes are a great addition to any cocktail party or Haldi. It has an elegant but whimsical look. The subtle, feminine eyeshadow looks great with the blue-winged liner. This stunning look is a perfect combination of a flawless foundation and a perfectly blended highlighter. To complete the look, add a pink or nude lip. You can now go and slay anyone with your eyes alone.

Ravishing red

Everybody adds colour to their eyeliner or eyeshadow these days, but have you ever tried a coloured waterline instead? If not, get ready for some drama with this makeup look. Begin with a flawless foundation and contour your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead. Apply a bronzer to the contour to give your eyebrows a natural bushy look. You can use a subtle brown shadow to highlight your eyes and then go bold with your winged eyeliner. For this look, we’re going for dramatic lashes. Next, apply a coloured eyeliner to your waterline. Apply liquid highlighter to all high points. Finish off with a nude lip gloss. Easy, quick and hella chic.

Rhinestone goddess

This makeup look is a must-have if you’re as obsessed as we are with Euphoria. This makeup look is not only quirky and easy but will make you look amazing. Begin with a light-coloured eyeshadow, preferably pastels. Next, apply thick, winged eyeliner. Apply mascara to your lower and upper lashes to create a dramatic doll-like effect. Next, use rhinestones to create a semicircle around your crease. To give the 90s feel, line your lips with pink lipstick. Then, apply a nude gloss to the inside of your lips. Keep it simple for the base, and highlight your highlights if necessary!

Classic Cutie

Are you not a big fan of makeup? Or don’t you like to do too much with your look? You can save your money by sticking to the classics. Apply a flawless foundation with a matte finish to contour lightly. Apply a matte eyeshadow, then a thick liner with a classic winged pencil. Apply your favourite statement lipstick to your lips. Mascara can be optional, but it is recommended to add definition to your eyes. Apply a liquid highlighter to your forehead, cheekbones and nose. See? It is simple, elegant, and safe as it can be worn with almost any outfit.

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