It’s like shopping in a candy shop when you get into makeup. There are so many options and endless possibilities. Your makeup products are important, but the application is equally important. Your makeup tools can make or ruin your look. We have compiled a list of eight essential makeup brushes that every makeup novice should own. These are the best makeup brushes for beginners.

Foundation paddle brush

A foundation brush that is standard in size is the paddle brush. This brush is dense and flat, much like a paddle. Most makeup artists prefer this brush for applying base makeup. It provides maximum coverage. This brush is not recommended for beginners. If used incorrectly, paddle brushes can leave streaks. After the foundation has been evenly spread, gently pat the skin with the paddle brush. This brush is great for liquids and creams.

Kabuki brush

Kabuki is a dense buffing tool with a flat surface. This brush is used to mix liquid and cream foundations. Kabuki brushes are similar to paddle brushes but provide excellent coverage. Because the bristles are tightly packed together, they don’t absorb any product and will spread your makeup smoothly. Apply your foundation to your face, and then blend it with circular movements. This brush is great for creams, powders, and liquids.

Powder brush

Powder brushes are large, fluffy brushes that can be used to apply powders. Powder brushes have loosely packed bristles to ensure they don’t add too many products to one area. Powder application is very fast because they are usually large and fluffy. They are not compatible with liquids or creams. You can apply cream blushes and liquid blushes with kabuki brushes.

Blush brush

A blush brush can be described as a smaller version of a powder brush. A blush brush performs the same way as a powder brush but is smaller. A blush brush is small enough to apply blush directly on the apples of your cheeks.

Flat eyeshadow brush

A flat eyeshadow brush is a micro version of a paddle brush. It is flat and moderately dense. This brush is used to apply eyeshadow pigment to the eyelids. This brush can apply cream, liquid, or powder eyeshadows.

Fluffy, blending brush

A blending brush, a fluffy brush that blends colours, is essential for every eye look. This helps blend colours and diffuse harsh lines. They come in different sizes to suit different purposes. For defining the crease of your eyes, a small blending brush are ideal. Larger blending brushes can soften the edges and blur out sharp lines. Angled blending brushes can also be used to deepen the outer V.

Shader brush

Shader brushes, also known as smudge brushes, are small, dense brush that adds smoke to any look. They blend eyeshadow and smudge the eyeliner on the lower lash line. These can also be used for swiping eyeshadow across the lids.

Angled eyeliner brush

An angled eyeliner brush is a flat, angled tool that can apply eyeliner and fill in the eyebrows. This brush is very thin and can be used to draw wings. The angle also serves as a guide for extending your eyeliner. You can make thin hair-like strokes using thinner angle brushes.

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