9 Natural Makeup Tips That I Learned From A Pro When I Had My Facial Done

Since I was 11 years old, I have been experimenting with makeup. I am beauty obsessed and can do many things even with my eyes closed. How to achieve a bushy eyebrow Tick. Do you have sharp red lips? Check. You’ll be able to see the difference.

These makeup looks all have one thing in common: they are heavy. Although I can do a full-face look, the trend that I have trouble mastering is natural makeup. It should look natural and not fake. It takes a lot of precision to blend concealer, create a subtle contour, and amplify my lashes.

I was in need of schooling and the Trish McEvoy counter at London’s Selfridges gave me some great advice. This brand is as old as Bobbi Brown or Kevyn Aucoin. Its cult status is evident by the fact that it continues to be popular among many new additions to the beauty industry. Trish is a natural makeup artist. It has a beautiful look: gleaming cheekbones with naturally flushed skin and voluminous lips.

Trish’s team is ready to help you but be prepared for some dirty work. My artist Sara would only do half my face and expect me the rest. What I learned about natural makeup and how to make it look the best was invaluable. Even better? This new look is easy to achieve in just 10 minutes.

Start with your skincare

It is difficult for makeup to blend seamlessly onto your skin without skincare. Sara, a makeup artist, suggested that I use the BeautyBooster Eye Serum, PSD70 to smoothen my under-eyes and plump any lines. Concealer never settles on my skin. A serum is better than an eye cream because makeup tends to slide and slide over the former. L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Eye Serum is a great option if you are on a budget. It retails at PS24.99 and can be purchased at Boots for just PS16.66 Serums that are lightweight can be used over makeup because they sink in easily.

The Beauty Booster cream, PS68 was applied to the entire body. It’s a moisturizer and primer that also acts as a hydrating mask. It leaves skin feeling soft and acts as a Velcro for makeup. You might also like Glossier Priming Moisturizer (PS20) or The Ordinary Nature Moisturising Factors (+ HA), PS5.

Make sure to choose an eye base instead of concealer

Trish always starts with the eyes,” Sara explained to me. “So step one is the Jumbo eye Base Essentials, PS31. This acts as a concealer on your eyelids. It can be applied over or left as is. It was easy to use the Base alone. It brightened my eyes which can look dark due to discoloration, especially in the inner corner. I also found it covered the bits underneath my eyebrows that were too neglected to pluck before my appointment. This product is much more discreet than concealer which can highlight lines and appear chalky. KIKO MILANO neutral eye base, PS7.99, is a good option if you have a tight budget.

For fuller lashes, tighten your brows

Sara said that natural looks are best done with a dark brown pencil. She recommends using it to line your upper waterline. This is known as tight lining by makeup artists. Lift your eyelids with your finger and slide the eyeliner pencil along. Be careful not to damage the tear ducts. Sara said, “This thickens your lashes without having to do any major work.” It makes your lashes appear thicker. This is so fast, even if you don’t want to use mascara. The slick of mascara made my lashes look fuller. You would never believe that something so simple can make such a big difference.

Powder bronzer is the best alternative to eyeshadow

You can use a few products and want a simple, quick look. Use a small, fluffy brush to apply your bronzer in the crease area of your eyes. Sara said, “Tape off excess product and keep your eyes open. Me, she used the Dual Resort Bronzer (PS22). It created a halo effect around my eyes. I realized that I was dragging my eyes down by applying eyeshadow all over my lids. This technique lifts the eyes and only takes a few seconds. If you prefer a subtle shimmer, try Fenty Beauty Instant Warmth Browner, PS27, or HUDA Beauty GloWish Softradiance Bronzing Powder (PS28).

Backcomb your lashes

Sara suggested that I would need the Dramatic Mascara, PS22.50. I love full, Bambi-esque eyelashes. One coat will suffice, but you should coat both the top and bottom of your eyelashes. This hack is called ‘lash backcombing’ by TikTok and it works. Sara said, “I like to roll my brush down over the top lashes first.” This evenly separates the lashes and increases the volume. Next, insert the mascara wand into the Base of your eyelashes. Continue to wiggle upwards. Sara said that if you coat the top of your eyelashes with mascara, it will give you less volume.

Trish’s makeup artists don’t use mascara on the lower lashes to create a natural look. Sara said, “If you don’t have any lower eyelashes, I prefer to use a light brown shadow powder and lightly smoke it under the lower lash line.” This gives definition to your lashes, and not mascara that will give you three.

Let’s now get to the brows. My brows are thick, but there are a few spots that aren’t. The Brow Perfector, PS25 really helped to minimize the gaps, so I was able to skip the brow pencil.

Practice the “triangle of Light” technique

Trish’s signature makeup method for brightening under the eyes is the ‘triangle’. Sara traced a large triangle starting at the inner corner of my eyes and ending at the outer edge. Then she filled in the data.

Sara said that people don’t apply enough concealer or brightening creams when they do. I see many people using the dot-dot, dot-dot, and blend methods. To get a brightening effect, you need to really apply it. Sara showed me how to blend the Wet/Dry Even Hair Brush, PS55, and smoothen it with the tiny end. You can also use your ring finger to apply it, but the result brightens and lifts. It almost erased my large, oily pores and canceled out any redness. Sara said that this brightener is not a concealer. She suggested that you could use it as a concealer over the top. I didn’t feel the need to.

Layer translucent powder underneath blush and bronzer

Apply a little translucent powder to your cheekbones before applying bronzer or blush. This makes it easy to layer any color on top of the powder and creates a seamless canvas.

Your technique matters, too. I usually dip the center of my fluffy brush in the powder when applying bronzer. Sara said that there are better ideas than this. We coat the whole brush, tap it off, and then apply the cream to the cheeks in small circles. Apply the brush along the area where the sun naturally kisses your forehead. Next, rub the brush along the jawline. Finally, dust the brush down the neck with any remaining product. This gave me the most natural, glowing sun without any harsh streaks.

If you don’t want to go all-out, a cream or liquid product is the best option. Sara used a little Liquid Lip Colour Lip & Cheek Color, PS27. This can be used on top of the powder to give you a radiant, glowing glow. Apply it to your skin using your middle finger. Next, tap it out using your ring finger. Concentrate it on the top of your cheeks to lift. Press down on the temple. Although it looks strong, it is actually very sheer.

Use a combination of a gloss and liners

Sara would suggest using a bit of lip balm, but I needed some definition so I line my lips. The Long Wear Lip Liner, in Barely There, PS22 was our choice, but you can use any shade that matches your skin tone. Sara suggested that you start at the center of your top lip, trace upwards towards your bow, and then go on to the opposite side. Always start at the center of your lip when you are lining the bottom. Use a small fluffy brush to diffuse the liner and make it less harsh. To complete the natural look, add a little nude gloss to the middle.

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