A Beginner’s Guide to Makeup Dos and Donts

Are you looking to improve your makeup skills? This beginner’s guide to Makeup does and don’ts will help you learn some simple makeup tricks. These essential tips and tricks will help you create great looks and avoid common mistakes. This guide will help make your Makeup look flawless, from skincare preparation to selecting the perfect lipstick shade.

Although Makeup is a beautiful and fun way to express yourself, it’s not something that everyone can do. It can feel intimidating to try out Makeup for the first time.

Do you have trouble deciding where to begin? Are you having trouble choosing the right Makeup to match your skin type and tone? Do you want to learn how to properly apply Makeup to flatter your features?

This guide is for those who answered “yes” to any questions above. We’ve provided beginner-friendly tips to help you improve your makeup application.

Do not buy too many products

If you are a beginner in Makeup, you don’t want to go out and buy a lot of products. It is easy to spend hundreds on Makeup and be unhappy with the products you have purchased. The same goes for tools. You don’t have to buy every tool you see, from a spooler to an eyelash curler. You will later add the tools you actually need, as you find a need.

Start with the basics, and don’t buy everything, from eyelash primers to finishing sprays.

A mascara along with a lip color is the basics of any beginner’s makeup kit. I like three lipsticks. I like “my lips but more”, “brighter color”, and “WOW Color”.

You will become more confident with makeup application. As you gain experience, expand your palette of lipstick colors and explore blushes and foundations. If you are a complete beginner, you should start with two products you like and then expand.

Do not apply Makeup to a dirty face

Applying Makeup to a soiled face can lead to serious skin issues. Acne and breakouts will not go away.

Do not apply Makeup to your face if you have used other cosmetics for hours. Lipstick is the exception to this rule.

It’s easy to reapply lipsticks or glosses. You can reapply lipsticks or gloss more easily if you give them a quick wipe-down first. It could be as easy as wiping your lips with a napkin and dipping it in water.

When it comes to powders and foundations, you should first remove what you are currently wearing to allow your pores to breathe.

Do not use a dirty brush to apply your Makeup

It is easy to forget about your makeup brushes. You won’t think of your makeup brushes until you apply your products unless you set aside a time each week for them to be cleaned.

However, using a dirty makeup brush can cause skin irritations. Eww. You don’t have to take the chance. Instead, make a weekend of it.

Warm water, a few drops of shampoo, and warm water are all you need to clean your brushes. Then, dip your brush into the soapy water and gently swirl it around. Also, you can loosen any makeup that has dried with your fingers. After rinsing the brush, place it under warm water to rinse and dry.

Eyebrows are important!

The eyebrows are an important part of your face, but they are often neglected. Your brows can frame your face perfectly if done correctly and in a thoughtful manner. Fill in your brows if you have the time. To fill in any bare areas, you can use a matte shadow to highlight them.

But don’t get too dark! This can cause an unwelcome cartoon villain effect. You can choose a subtle shade that is the same color as your eyebrows, or a lighter shade. To define your eyebrows more, go darker if you have very pale brows.

Fake Brows are not allowed

Although you should not skip your eyebrows, it is important to avoid dramatic fake brows. Big, drawn-on brows can make you look like a furry caterpillar. It’s not a good look.

Instead, you can work with what you already have, and then just make them more defined. This is especially true if the foundation is used. Foundation can “wash out” your eyebrows.

Do not Sleep in your Makeup

It can be tempting to fall asleep in your Makeup when you are exhausted at the end of a long day. Resist the urge to do this. You can make your pores bigger by using Makeup.

Makeup can irritate and stretch your pores. Because your skin isn’t able to balance itself, sleeping with Makeup on your face can dry it out.

Do Not Pump Your Mascara

It’s a common way to squeeze more mascara from a container. It’s a bad idea.

The mascara container can be contaminated if your mascara wand is pumped. This can also cause mascara to dry faster.

Pumping can also cause clumpy applications.

If you want more mascara, simply swirl the wand in the container. Remember that mascara expires three months after it is applied.

To create a signature look

It shouldn’t take you hours to apply your Makeup, especially if you are a beginner.

Start by creating a signature, but simple look that you can use everywhere to boost your confidence. These simple makeup tips will help you create this look.

Face – Match the foundation shade to your chest. A tinted moisturizer is also an option.

Eyes- Use eyeliner and mascara to create well-defined eyes. Make sure to fill in your brows!

Lipstick – Find a lipstick that suits your skin tone. A bold, timeless red lipstick is the best choice for a signature look. To find a more everyday shade, however, you can look at your actual lips in the mirror. For a simple, yet elegant and well-looking lipstick, choose a lipstick similar to this one.

Use blush to add color to your face (especially useful if your foundation has a tendency to make your whole face look dull).

Use Natural Light to Apply Makeup

Apply your Makeup in natural light whenever possible. This will give you the best idea of how your Makeup will look once you’re gone. If you have a window, set up your makeup station next to it.

A magnifying mirror is a great option if you don’t have natural light. A magnifying mirror that is at least 5x magnification will help you see imperfections you might not be able to see with a bathroom light.

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