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There’s no doubt that trends in eyebrows, especially polarizing ones, come and come and go. However, having a gel for your eyebrows in your cosmetics bag to style your eyebrows according to your preferences is an absolute necessity regardless of trend. Just like many of us style the hair on our heads, our eyebrow hair is no different–sometimes, a bit of grooming can instantly take our look to the next level. Just as different hair types require other products, eyebrows don’t always look alike, so choosing the suitable brow gel is essential. Eyebrow gels can be more subtle than you imagine.

We have a variety of the most highly rated and well-known models available to test at our lab in NYC. We evaluated the quality of their feel, how they’re used, overall appearance, and performance. In the coming weeks, we’ll share the ones that performed best and earned them our Byrdie approval.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Strong Hold Clear Brow Gel

Are we genuinely shocked that the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel was awarded the top overall? Because the company was founded around eyebrow products and its founding founder of the brand, Anastasia Soare is a well-known hair stylist; we’re not able to think we’re. The brand did a great job with this gel for holding your eyebrows. The formula isn’t thick and goopy or too liquid, and according to our test subject, it’s straightforward. The applicator’s small; it can hold just enough product to smooth the brows without getting them soaked with the formula. Because the product did not dry out too quickly, she had enough time to shape and mold her eyebrows before drying to a smooth look.

NYX Professional Makeup The Brow Glue Laminating Setting Gel

One reason (or numerous reasons) it’s among the top eyebrow gels in the market today: it’s incredible. It has a distinctive, glue-like texture yet is light, making it highly malleable and straightforward to use. The slight tackiness in the formula lets it fully grasp the hairs and hold them into a solid shape But don’t be deceived; it’s not overly heavy. It does not dry out to give a rigid, hard surface, and it doesn’t break or leave a greasy residue left behind.

The applicator’s small size was among the features our test subject loved the most about the gel, and she said it helped her apply it precisely and prevented her from using it excessively. However, those with thick or bushy eyebrows may require dipping into the tube several times before fully covering their eyebrows. Still, when you consider the quality of the product and the price, it’s not an issue for us. It’s an excellent option for people with a wide variety of brow shapes and styles seeking a comfortable hold and strong hold for a fair price.

E.l.f. Clear Brow & Lash Mascara

If you’re searching for an affordable brow gel, We suggest you check this one out. It’s cheaper than a morning latte and will do the job. The gel is clear and is packaged in a dual-sided container, making it easy to use one side to apply brows and the other for lashes for those who prefer using clear mascara. It’s light and easy to use, and our tester was pleased that the applicator could pick up enough product to cover her eyebrow hairs. Since it’s a thin formula, it’s ideal for those with delicate or slender eyebrows. However, she did say that she could apply it in a couple of layers, which allowed her to achieve an even more defined look.

However, she said it ended up feeling heavy, probably because of how much she used it. However, despite that, the final result remained relatively natural-looking. While our tester didn’t notice any flaking, many online reviewers have complained that the product flakes after it has been dried. To prevent this from happening the issue, we suggest applying thin layers. Because it holds the hairs in position, the dual-ended part that makes the item, the ease of use, and its cost, we strongly recommend it.

Hourglass Arch Volumizing Brow Shaping Gel

A few people can’t or aren’t willing to pay for high-end cosmetics. When you’re talking about an eye gel that you can buy at a low cost and isn’t a huge investment, we’re not convinced you’re wasting money if you decide not to. However, if you’re already a lover of the brand or are looking for an eyebrow gel of high-end quality that gives a natural, adjustable hold, you’ll not be disappointed when you splash out on this product. The light, transparent formula comes with a dual-sided spoolie application tool that makes brushing and sculpting hairs in place a breeze. Our tester also observed that the bristles were more rigid than those she had before. It was easy to be in complete control of how they were shaped.

Alongside the efficient application, the product did not feel heavy or goopy, which made it difficult to shave the brows without leaving flaky or uncomfortable leftovers. Our test subject was delighted by its soft hold, but no hairs that stayed in place but could be moved by her fingers. If you’re searching for an oil that can control eyebrow hairs and maintains the natural look of your brows, we highly suggest this one.

NYX Professional Makeup Control Freak Eyebrow Gel

If you have thin eyebrow hairs, choosing an easy-to-use gel is crucial to ensure that your eyebrows are not overloaded. This is an excellent alternative for those with fragile eyebrow hairs as the formula has a light gel texture, and the brush won’t take up excessive amounts of product. Our tester’s one complaint about the outcome was that she was required to constantly refill the wand to achieve her desired part of the formula onto the brush. If you have thin brows, this may be beneficial and ensure you don’t use too much gel.

In addition to the light consistency, it shaves the hairs back to make them more secure and give them moderate hold without streaks or leftovers. Our tester was also impressed with the brush, stating that the narrow, long shape and stiff bristles made combing the formula across her eyebrows effortless. After application, the gel held her hair on the brows without feeling bulky or hard.

Makeup By Mario Master Hold Brow Gel

People with thick eyebrows most likely feel the pain of trying to find a gel for brows that will keep their eyebrows in place throughout the day without causing stiffness or weight. If this is the case for you are looking for a product, we suggest you try this product. It is a light transparent formula that glides over the eyebrows and locks them in place without the glue-like feeling many gels with strong hold create. This formula can be into the eyebrows for a natural-looking appearance, and you can also make an unusual-sided spoolie application to create a more sculpted appearance. When dry, no flake-like flakes are visible, and the hairs aren’t displaced even a bit. Dual-sided applicators feature bristles of both length and short, which can be used to shape and comb the most bushy brows. It also sifts just the appropriate amount of product to prevent you from applying too much and needing to dip it again in the tube.

The only thing that would make this gel better is if it included more products. The tube is slim and thin, and the container has a tiny formula. Our tester, as well as a lot of reviewers on the internet, noticed this. When you consider that this is an expensive option, and someone who uses it regularly is likely to have to buy frequently, this isn’t a reasonable price for the price. However, if you’re not frightened by the one issue, we believe you’ll be awed by this product, especially for those with thick eyebrows.

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