You can find inspiration for nail art designs from movies, nature elements and candies. You can practically translate any shape or pattern onto nails if you have the right skills. This is especially true when dealing with cat-eye nails, a tricky and OTT manicure trend. Intrigued? Let’s explain. It’s almost as if you are looking into a constellation or getting a small glimpse of the entire universe. Although it may sound like a daunting task, cat eye nails are becoming very popular because they are easy to make.

Cat-eye nails are different from other animal-inspired nail art trends. This nail art is not meant to replicate a cat’s skin print or pattern but instead mixes deep colours to create intricate designs with metallic details. To recreate the magical appearance of a cat’s eye, nail techs invented a unique method of creating a metallic streak across a marbly foundation using magnetic nail polish. You only need to apply glitter-infused magnetic nail polish and then use a magnet or magnet to scatter the shimmering particles.

Silver cat eye nails

Silver cat eye nails, which are easy to rock the trend, are great for beginners. You can use the shimmer placement to blend in with the other colour. Layer on more coats until you achieve an opaque finish. A sheer colour application will not give the same effect.

Line art cat eye nails

One common pattern associated with cats’ eyes is a horizontal line running down the middle. This resembles a cat without dilation of its pupils. You can create cat-eye nails by using this technique. All you have to do is add a thin streak with shimmery polish to the middle of your nails. To give the manicure a glossy look and reflectivity, buff the nails and apply clear polish.

Cat-eye nails in black and gold

A stunning combination of shimmering gold and glossy black nails is magical. This looks great on both shorter and longer nails. Coffin nails are a favorite choice for nail techs. This style is also great for evening parties, as the gold will reflect in artificial light making your manicure look millionaire!

Emerald hues

A shimmery emerald tone manicure will also be stunning. This polish adds depth and sparkle to the nails. This manicure is easy to recreate. Apply the shimmering nail varnish all over your nails and then use a magnet for the glitter particles to be directed in the middle. You should create the diagonal shapes so that they complement one another and the angles are the same on all fingers.

Abstract cat eye nails

You can edit your cat-eye nails to create abstract designs if you’re a fan of abstract designs. You can create swirling, crescent-shaped, or edged patterns with your shimmery nail polish. Stick-on beading or diamante can be used to create swirling, crescent-shaped, or edged patterns that only cover a portion of your nail.

Cat-eye nails in purple hue

Pastel nail polish fans will agree that lavender shades are the best colours to choose for your manicure . To make your pastel love translate into cat-eye nails, mix it with a darker color to create an ombre effect. After you’ve created your ombre, use a clear shimmer polish to make the cat eye diagonal shapes.

Clustered cat-eye nails

Clustered designs are similar to the silver cat eyes nails that we have seen before. They can be used to accent lighter colours such as neon oranges or blush pinks. Use the magnet to evenly scatter glitter particles from the tip of your nails to the nail bed. You may find it difficult to get them uniformly as shown in the reference. Instead of focusing on the center, you can focus the thicker clusters towards the edges. This will prevent the colour from looking too clumpy in its middle.

Aquarius cat eye nails

This zodiac-themed cat-eye nail design can be created with metallic gel polishes in deep, rich colours. Silver metallic shimmer nails can be worn in colours like turquoise and ocean. This design is great for medium nails. Shiny particles placed closer to the nail bed will add depth and dimension to your manicure. This design can be used for very short nails. The shimmer particles placed closer to the nail bed can add depth and dimension.

Multi-colored cat eye nails

Multi-colored manicures are possible with two or more metallic polishes. This creates a beautiful combination of cat-eye vibes and velvet nails. Choose deep shades, such as a dark blue or green, and then mix them up to create a variety of looks. To make your manicure even more fun, you can use the colours on different hands.

Chrome cat eye nails

This is the one for nail artists who love to make elaborate nails at home. Begin by polishing your nails. Next, apply a nude or clear nail polish. To give the polish a reflective look, you will need an LED or UV lamp. You can then apply a magnetic chrome pigment to your nails. This can be used to make cat-eye diagonals or shimmery clusters. To seal the chrome pigment in your desired pattern, apply a clear topcoat. To achieve the desired reflective effect, make sure you keep the chrome pigment, base polish and topcoat layers very thin.

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