Eyebrow pencil for blondes

If you’re starting from scratch or tweaking your arches, it can take time to master the art of brows. Making sculpted brows that look natural, drawing sharp tails, or filling in gaps that aren’t there requires a gentle hand, a skilled eye, and the assistance of a premium pencil with a well-designed design.

A pencil for eyebrows is the best instrument to accomplish your brow goals without much effort. Plus, buying an expensive product is okay to become a successful eyebrow designer. Eyebrow pencils backed by reputable makeup stores compete with their higher-end counterparts in formulation and design. These pencils for eyebrows at the drugstore tend to be dual-sided, with a tiny applicator on one side and a spoolie on the other. You can fill in areas that aren’t as full and then blend the color across your eyebrows.

Maybelline New York Brow Ultra Slim Defining Eyebrow Pencil

With a super-slim tip that allows for the ultimate precision and a luminous formula, The Maybelline eyebrow-defining pencil is an excellent choice to compete with more expensive brands. The soft and light pencil texture glides smoothly through the brow hairs without appearing clumpy or overdone. It doesn’t leave behind an oily substance.

On one side, there’s a 1.5-millimeter tip that mimics fast hair-like strokes and subtly creates arches. On the other side is a soft spoolie that blends the shades for an organic appearance.

With seven colors, which include cool and warm shades ranging from black to blonde, It’s unlikely that you’ll find difficulty finding the right shade to your natural hair’s color without pressing down too hard in the belief that you’ll get a darker shade. Furthermore, the gel-like texture makes smudges waterproof, preventing the stains from leaking out of the browline even after periods of use.

It’s great that it only requires an easy hand to draw the natural, thick eyebrow since the tip wears off fairly quickly, but that’s the expected behavior of a retractable pencil.

NYX Professional Makeup Lift N Snatch! Brow Tint Pen

Although trends in brows may appear temporary, with everyone’s eye on brows with bleached hair the next day and full, straight lines the next, we believe that defined, lush eyebrows are always in fashion.

Professional makeup artist Bobbie Riley recommends the product; the best characteristic of the NYX Brow Tint Pen is the flexible brush with a sharply pointed tip. It can be curved to fill in sloppy spots or lay flat on the more defined lines. The clever design lets you control the brush while you shape arches, feather out ends, and fill gaps to define your eyebrows in minutes.

With smooth, vibrant shades, these pens are available in various shades and are as light as a feather on the skin, in contrast to certain pomades’ thick, heavy feel. They’re also smudge-proof and customizable, so you can make the shade you’d like. Once you’ve perfected your application, the color will remain on for up to 16 hours.

Milani Stay Put Precision Brow Pencil

Talk to any of our editors (or Bethenny Frankel) about Milani’s skin tints, foundations, and lipsticks; they’ll tell you they’re in line with high-end brands. Expert in brows and the creator, the founder of Michele Holmes Studio and Rye Beauty, Michele Holmes, recommends their eyebrow pencil.

She is awed by how simple the brow pencil is to use from start to end. Just use the slender pencil tip to draw hair-like strokes. Since neutral shades are less abrasive than the more colored options in this list, they are easy to blend in browse even if you’re worried that you’ve overdone it, which makes it an ideal choice for beginners (or those who get bored). For beginners, they will appreciate the absence of touch-ups with this formula that remains in place even without using a brow gel.

The colors aren’t vibrant, but we think it that way for people new to the hobby.

L’Oreal Paris Unbelieva-Brow Longwear Brow Gel

What We Are Loving: This two-in-one product lets you tint your eyebrows using the tinted gel. It also keeps them in place by applying an adhesive formula.

What We Don’t Like: Using the doe-foot brush application tool requires some experience.

For those who want to save time or speed up your routine, this choice from L’Oreal is a pencil for eyebrows and brow gel in one. Riley suggests this gel because of its flat brush and applicator, which can be shaped, filled, and smooth in one swift swipe.

Apply a light coat of each of the five shades with the doe-foot applicator. Afterward, you comb the color to smooth it out with the brush spoolie. You can apply a bent tool to draw out your eyebrows for a more sculpted look.

The thick consistency, creamy shade, and thick brush may make application difficult initially. You only need a tiny amount, but it will pay off spectacularly after mastering the technique. Once you’ve combed it into your brows, it can blend nicely into your eyebrows for a runway-ready appearance.

Joah Beauty Brow Down To Me: Precision Brow Pencil

As a blonde with slender eyebrows, I can’t say how much effort I’ve put into searching for a hue that wasn’t overly light or dark, and I’m sure that brunettes with dark hair and redheads understand. It was only until Riley informed me of Joah, a sleek brand influenced partly by South Korean beauty trends.

Joah splits its color range into warm and cool tones in shades ranging between light and dark so that you can find your ideal match. I prefer the cool taupe shade to complement the dirty hair I have.

Its micro-tip and cream formula that will form the form of a fine powder after being applied creates natural eyebrows. They’ll appear like your own, only smaller and more precise.

The pencil is perfect If you want to fill in some small areas. However, since they’re not highly pigmented, adding color may take some time if you want more vibrant results.

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