Half up half down claw clip

The resurgence of claw clip hairstyles isn’t a surprise. With other trends of the 1990s, like the mid-flick hairdo and thin eyebrows (shudders), being reintroduced into fashion, it’s only natural that the classic hairstyle was reintroduced to the scene.

The most iconic ’90s Jennifer Aniston hair accessory is back and more stylish than ever, with endless designs, styles, colors, and colors – making it an upscale fashion accessory that resembles jewelry in recent times. The claw clips are not only highly chic and add an effortless style to any style, but they’re more gentle on your hair than the breakage-causing elastic bands because they don’t exert too much pressure on your hair.

You may be looking to revamp your work-wear style or trying to put together a look in a hurry (I am sure of this well). Claw clips are a simple option to make your hair look more stylish. With the assistance of professional stylists (but don’t fret that you don’t have to be a professional stylist to use these), We’ve come up with the most stylish ways to style your claw clips for every hair type.

The Classic French Twist

There are many options to style hair using clippers. However, the most traditional and reliable hairstyle will always be hair with a French twist. You can tie the ends of your hair or let a few face-framing hairs fly free to add a little edge. Either way, your hair is away from your face. However, it’s still elegant enough to enter the boardroom or even go on a first date.

If you are having trouble maintaining this look on your head, history stylist and Brand educator Wes Sharpton recommends adding the powder to provide grip to ensure the clip remains in the right place.

Slicked-Backed Elegance

Inspires the chic slicked-back hairstyles of Kim K; this half-slicked hairstyle, half natural, is the perfect style for any event. “You can elevate a claw clip style by smoothing out the front of the hair for a more slick, pulled-back look,” Sharpton explains. Sharpton. “You can also alter the appearance by letting some hair out, resulting in different textures based on the hair you decide to pull back and what’s left out.

Volumized Pony

If you’re looking for more volume in fine hair, This style is perfectly suitable for you. For this style, use an old-fashioned hair tie to make your hair appear as an up-swept pony. Then, divide the pony into two pieces by lifting some hair and securing the claw clip beneath. Relax your hair; you’ve got a chic and runway-ready pony.

If your hair falls thicker like mine, you can use a claw clip with more prominent teeth to hold the hair. I suggest using the TocESS Hair Clips for Big Hair and Kitsch Jumbo Classic Claw Clips. Classic claw clips from Kitsch.

Half-Up, Half-Down

For girls with shorter hair, making half-up and half-down hairstyles is a straightforward method to ensure your hair stays from your face (and adds volume!). “Starting behind your ears, separate the top part of your hair and clip it up, allowing the hair to fall with the rest,” says Ghanima Abdullah, a cosmetologist and expert in beauty at The Hairstyles You Should Choose.

Effortless and Comfortable

For a casual look, the easiest method of styling your hair using the claw clip is twisting it as if you’re making braids and putting it in. “I also like twisting it up, like starting a bun and leaving the top flopped out,” says Kimberly Gueldner, a famous hairstylist and co-founder of Voel Hair. Gueldner suggests using MLE Gemini Claw in Chai for this look to give a little individuality and color.

Curly and Low Twist

This is an excellent option for women who must be out the door at the last minute but still need to appear polished. For this style, Rachel Spits, Balmain Hair Couture’s Junior Product Director, suggests brushing hair to the desired shape and then applying a hair gel to keep the hair and reduce frizz. “Create a tight low ponytail and twist upwards,” Spits says. “Make sure you use a large claw clip that holds all of your hair.”

To elevate your style, this beautiful Balmain Prince A Cheveux Large White clip is an excellent addition to this style.

The Perfect Bun

You can channel your inner ballerina in this chic hairstyle. For the perfect style, “bend your hair to the top of your head, then create an elongated ponytail, and twist it upwards. Adjust the French twist using the clip” Spits. To create a more rugged appearance, remove some hair pieces off the wall and let subtle bobs in your hair frame the face.

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