How to cover tattoos

Nowadays, tattoos are all the rage, and it’s uncommon to meet anyone who doesn’t own one (or more than one). These days tattoos have become included in fashion-forward trends in beauty, as are the most recent manicures trending on social media or celebrity-approved haircuts. They’re certainly an excellent method to delve into your creativity, but should you find yourself seeking to hide your tattoos, there’s a perfect chance that you’ll turn to makeup as your primary way to cover up your tattoos.

With just a bit of concealer and the proper technique, you can get your tattoo hidden from view and out of sight within minutes. To quickly cover up your ink, look at this step-by-step guide to the most effective method of covering up your tattoos with concealer, color corrector, and setting spray.

The Best Makeup Products to Cover Tattoos

It is a given that your tattoos are gorgeous and are a wonderful expression of your character, and you should showcase them anytime you’d like. On the rare occasions, you must keep it a secret, take these items, which are ideal for covering the tattoo briefly.

Color-Correcting Crayon or Primer

Since tattoos are typically blue and black, an orange or orange color corrector can be a great way to remove those colors, particularly when you have a big or darker-shaded tattoo. This method is highly recommended since it minimizes the concealer and foundation required for complete coverage. We recommend using the L’Oreal Paris True Match Color Correcting Crayon in Orange or the L’Oreal Paris Prime Lab up to 24H, which reduces dullness.

Full-Coverage Foundation

Although there’s a tattoo makeup designed explicitly for concealing tattoos, there’s no reason to pay extra if you already have a foundation covering all your tattoos. This foundation is crucial since it will be the foundation for your tattoo makeup and will ensure you don’t have to layer on many concealers to cover it.

If you’re looking for suggestions for your next purchase, The L’Oreal Paris 24-Hour Fresh Wear Foundation can be applied to give full coverage. It offers an airy, lightweight finish available in 40 different shades.

Full-Coverage Concealer

It is recommended to choose the Full-coverage concealer, which can cover your tattoo with just one swipe. The L’Oreal Paris infallible Full-Wipe Concealer from 24-hour Full Coverage comes in a range of 25 shades, each with a matte full-coverage finish, and the formula is waterproof, making it ideal for covering tattoos wherever on the body.

How to Cover Your Tattoo With Makeup in 5 Simple Steps

After acquiring the correct items, follow these simple steps to conceal the tattoo using makeup.

Step 1. Prime Your Tattoo

Before proceeding to the concealing aspect of your tattoo, preparing the area for applying makeup by applying primer is essential—a primer for makeup. The primer creates a smooth foundation for the other makeup you use can be used smoothly and prolongs the wear time. Apply a uniform layer of The L’Oreal Paris Prime Lab Up to 24H Matte Setter to your tattoo and the surrounding area. If you’re using a color-correcting primer, such as the L’Oreal Paris Prime Lab Up to 24H Dullness Reducer, apply it instead of the mattifying primer.

Step 2. Use a Color Corrector

Then, apply the orange concealer and a thick layer of concealer to cover the tattoo. Blend it out using an oiled makeup sponge.

Step 3. Apply Foundation and Blend With a Makeup Sponge

Apply your finger to dab the foundation on the color-corrected part of your skin. Then employ the makeup sponge to create a smooth, even blend. Mix it outwards so the concealing area aligns with the other skin.

Step 4. Follow Up With Concealer

Then, add coverage by applying concealer and blending using the makeup sponge. Make sure to choose a shade that to your skin tone to create an even look.

Step 5. Set With Powder and Setting Spray

We’re assuming that you want your tattoos to be in place until you’re ready to remove your makeup, so it’s an excellent idea to set everything up using the help of a makeup powder and setting spray. Use a face powder like the L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24-Hour Clean Wear Makeup powder to give you extra coverage and a non-smudge, long-lasting finish. Please share some spritzes of The L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Spray and set Foundation Oil-Free Setting Spray to hold the makeup in position.

How to Hide a Tattoo Without Makeup

Applying concealer and foundation isn’t the only method to cover up the appearance of a tattoo. When you cannot find time to complete your entire makeup routine, use accessories for an easy fix.

Accessorize Strategically

If the tattoo is on your neck, wear your hair back to cover it. Alternatively, you can wear an oversized necklace or scarf to cover neck tattoos. If the tattoo is on your wrist, put on an enormous bangle or a watch with a large band to hide the tattoo. Remember that the bar on your look is more likely than the bracelet to move upwards and downwards throughout the day, exposing the visible tattooed body.

If the tattoo is visible on your fingers, consider wearing a fashionable and elegant jewelry piece that hides the tattoo. Use gloves to cover larger tattoos on your fingers and incorporate them into your attire for the rest of the day. If your tattoo is on your foot or ankle, put on tights and footwear that cover the tattoo. Even in the summer, you can dress with stylish metallic socks to create an elegant but trendy style.

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