Kayali vanilla 28 perfume

Rich, Decadent, and Deep; Introducing Kayali Vanilla | 28 Eau De Parfum. It is part of the Warm and Spicy family; the OLFACTIVE section can be described as the Oriental Gourmand. This refined scent is cultivated and infused with jasmine Madagascar vanilla orchids and the sweet flavor of brown sugar. Oriental scents of musk and amber make this scent a winner.

The team had to go through 28 times to come up with different changes to create the version we are familiar with today. This is why there’s a number 28 in the title!


The sturdy, lux-like cardboard box has the same shape as the transparent Octagonal glass. With reflective “rays” on the corners of the box, the small details are not overly beautiful.

If you lift the top portion of the container and lift it, a diamond-shaped perfume lid opens. It’s designed to resemble the elaborate flacons traditionally used in Middle Eastern countries. Middle East.

The liquid in the glass bottle differed from the color of rose gold on the web.

Funny Facts Kayali (Pronounced”Keh-el-ee”) Vanilla perfume contains vanilla extract from Madagascar with 20% vanilla oil content. The vanilla extract turns a darker shade as time passes. The vanilla scent won’t change; however, the color will!


Its Kayali vanilla28 notes can be compelling when spraying it on your skin, and it’s an almost sweet-sour way. I poured a mist from an arm’s distance on my chest, neck, and clothing. Then I sprayed it on the side of my neck and, afterward, a final spray onto my wrists’ insides so that my nose could smell a test area.

PRO Tips for wearing fragrance: When wearing perfume, apply a small amount across the rear of your neck, as the warmth of your neck, collar, or neck skin overall will provide warmth that allows the fragrance to radiate off the skin the throughout the day.

What you smell of the Kayali vanilla notes first comes to mind is an overwhelming mix of vanilla, brown sugar orchid, and Brazilian Tonka. After you allow the scent to go through its 30-second drying time, it becomes much better (the “cool down,” I refer to it as a highly crucial step before evaluating the fragrance).

The delicate floral blend of patchouli and jasmine blends perfectly with the scents of musk and wood. Then, the lingering tones at the back of my nose have the sweetness that lingers from the vanilla extract.


Skin The Vanilla 28 wasn’t the one with one of the most durable wears over my face. It wasn’t my nose, but using other people to try this (your nose may become accustomed to the smell; if it’s still strong, it’s better to ask people around you to see if they detect it). The wear lasted approximately 4 hours before it faded away, and I would require another application.

Clothing I was concerned about the shade of this scent on my white clothing. The best part is that due to the gorgeous, silky, fine mist, the dark purple did not cause a stain on my white clothes!

The next day, after applying my perfume, I wore the same shirt I had worn the previous day, and the scent lingered in the fabric! It was wonderful.

After washing, the residue was removed, and my clothes returned to normal.


There are four main kinds of categories of quality in fragrance across the globe:

Drugstore Imagine celebrity scents such as Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, or Avon and Biotherm.

Middle-Range Retail The quality of the merchandise and its popularity vary from brands such as MAC, Coach, Guess, and Aerin Lauder.

Luxurious Retail The fragrances can be available at more expensive stores like Saks Fifth Ave, Holt Renfrew, and Harrods. Imagine fragrance brands like Louis Vuitton, Ex Nihilo Paris, By Kilian, TOM FORD, and Panhaligon.

It’s the Best of Luxury and Quality in the marketplace, Shumukh Clive Christian No. 1 Imperial Majesty, and Baccarat Les Larmes Sacree de Thebes.

This Huda Beauty Vanilla fragrance is in the middle retail category, with no doubt. Using cheaper ingredients with high-end, affordable ingredients keeps this fragrance away from the type of drugstore.

The Nozzle Spray/Applicator

JUST STUNNING. When I sprayed the first time, my jaw fell! Every fragrance bottle must have the exact misting nozzle. It’s firm and smooth yet gently pours delicate sprays of fragrance outward. It’s fantastic and strangely satisfying. It makes me want to hit that spray “button” a million times.

Do you need how many sprays do you require?

It’s compelling at first, but the dry-down is very light. The power of the stay is short, so I’d recommend a minimum of two sprays for the initial application. After that, you’ll need to repeat the spray throughout the day.

The Sillage is a French term used to describe the amount in which the fragrance can remain in the air after it is worn.

On a scale from 1-10, which means it’s nearly gone from the air to 10, meaning that I’m carrying an odor of green emanating from the Pepe Le Pew lingering behind me, Kayali Vanilla 28 is a 7.

Others notice my essence when I walk and move, mainly near someone. If you’re a person who likes being seen, this is the perfect scent to wear.


Projection is how a fragrance, such as perfume or scent, is perceived by the people in the vicinity of the wearer.

The reaction was positive. Some people said I smelled nice and okay. I’ve never experienced “WOW What are you wearing? This smells amazing” or “I must be able to identify the name of the scent” response, but I experienced the same.


The creators: Huda and Mona, said you could use this scent to layer a final mist on top of your favorite fragrances to add a touch of oomph! I tested this and loved it much more than on its alone. It was to be the perfect topping of your favorite scents. It’s great, but adding it to the mix made it more enticing to the scents I love most!

Huda and Mona advise using it alone or mixing the scent with one of their Kayali scents. Apply the Kayali with the most aromatic scent first and then the lightest scent last. Example: 1 spray of Kayali Vanilla 28, then the Kayali Elixir 11 on top to create a rich and rich aroma.

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