Lash lift and tint near me

Have you ever experienced all the above problems? You don’t need to worry because none of these problems will harm your eyelashes. Your DIY lash lifting turned out differently than planned because you made a few mistakes during the application.

Check out my blog titled “A Complete Guide to How to Do Lash Lift at Home” for the step-by-step process of doing lash lift and tint. This guide will help you avoid making mistakes when using a lash lifting kit for the first time. If you need any corrections, this guide will help answer your questions.

If your skin is oily, you should clean it thoroughly

The lash lift won’t be as effective as it appears in the pictures if the lift shield is moved even a fraction of an inch. This occurs when your skin becomes oily. The protection moves, and the glue changes the direction of the lashes.

Place a piece of paper tape over your eyelids to fix the problem. When applying the glue, the shield will adhere to your eyelids with adhesive. This tip also protects your skin against becoming rough and dry because of the cement.

Know the placement styles to get the desired lift

Four different placement styles are available for other lash lifts. The four types of placement styles are:

Vertical lift style: As the name suggests, the adhesive is applied upwards to position the lashes straight. This style is designed to make the eyes appear more extensive and prominent.

Open-Lift Style: The lashes are lifted up and outwards in this style. The lift will give your eyes a soft look and make them appear more prominent.

Open Lift Style: The style is similar. The only difference between the two styles is that the lashes have been lifted slightly outwards. The lift will lengthen your eyes and give your lashes an even more dramatic appearance.

Kitten Placement: This style lifts the eyelashes to the right and left. This style will give your eyes a narrower look. This is the lift for you if you have almond or hooded eyes.

Use tape to secure loose skin

The lash shield may not adhere to your eyelid due to loose skin. The constant movement of your security can ruin the lift if you have droopy or sagging skin. Here’s what to do: Tape the strip of paper to the forehead. Stretch the skin over your eyelid. When the skin is smooth, apply the lash guard.

Apply a Minimum Amount of Adhesive

If you apply too much adhesive, it can cause the lashes to clump. It’s good to know that the glue used is water-soluble, so you can use a lash pick to wipe the surface using a dampened cloth.

  1. Give the Lashes Appropriate Processing Time

Don’t rush through the process. Each step should be completed in the following time:

Wait 30 seconds before applying adhesive to the lash shield.

The shield is applied to your eyelid in 30 seconds.

The bond is applied to your eyelashes in 30 seconds.

The length of time it takes to apply the perm is 12-15 minutes, depending on your eyelashes thickness.

Fix lotion application: 8 minutes.

The entire process of lash lifting takes between 20 and 25 minutes.

Apply LESS Tint

Less is more when it comes to lash coloring. Your lashes must look the same as your eyebrows and head hair.

Use pads to protect your skin

Even a tiny amount of tint can leave an impression on the surface. Apply the pads in all directions: up, down, and sideways. Start applying the tint above the eyelid line to avoid a temporary liner effect.

Use the 3-Step Removing Trick to Wipe Off Tint

The tinting process takes between 3 and 5 minutes. Always wipe off the tint with a dry pad. Next, wet a second pad to remove residue. Finally, wipe the lashes with a clean, dry place.

This is how to use a DIY eyelash lift kit correctly! All beginners commit the mistakes that I have mentioned. All you need to do is change your approach, and everything will fall into place. If you do not get the desired result, you can lift them again after a few weeks.

You will notice a huge difference when you use these tips. Visit the website Nicky Lashes to get your lash lift kit. The Home edition Kit is a simple and safe way to get beautiful lashes that last up to 8 weeks.

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