It doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming to achieve flawless makeup. These handy tips and tricks will make it, so you don’t have to be frustrated looking in the mirror ever again. This is the place to go for all your questions about how to make your lipstick last longer and achieve the perfect cat-eye. These helpful tips will help you, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Use a Spoon to Apply Mascara Easily

Everyone has experienced the frustration of finishing up her eye makeup and then realizing that mascara is still on her lids. This hack will help you get rid of that annoying problem. You only need a spoon from the kitchen to create flawless mascara every time. Simply place the spoon under your lashes and apply your mascara as usual. Any residue or excess product that remains on your face will be transferred to the back of the spoon.

Do not apply concealer to your eyelids

You should never apply concealer or foundation on your eyelids. Concealer under your eyes can be a great way of hiding dark circles and undereye bags, but it can cause your eye makeup to look sloppy by being applied to your eyelids.

Tape or Spoon to Give Cat Eyes a Look

It can be difficult to create the perfect cat-eye effect with eyeliner. It can be difficult to achieve the perfect shape and flick, but each side must match. A spoon or tape is a great way to achieve the perfect feline flick. Begin by drawing a straight line starting at the outer corner of your eyes and following the edge. Next, trace around the curve from the edge of the spoon to your lashes.

Form Your Eyebrows

These steps will make shaping your eyebrows easy. Begin by brushing your eyebrows using a spoolie to ensure that the hairs are natural. Next, shape your eyebrows with a soft, waxy pencil. The thinner tip will be used. Use the shorter, hair-like strokes to fill in your eyebrows with the flatter angle of your pencil. For lift, add some highlighter to the area below your brow bone.

Heat up Eyelash Curler

If curling your lashes in a regular manner doesn’t work for you, heat up your curler to make them curl faster. Your eyelash curler can work in the same way your curling wand to help your hair retain its shape. Use your blow-dryer and blast your eyelash curler using hot air. Let the heat cool down a bit so that it doesn’t burn your eyes. Next, close your eyes as usual.

Match Lip Color with Cheeks

A natural look is achieved by matching your lips and cheeks with your lipstick. You can make your favorite lip color a cream blush by using a cream crayon. Apply some to your back and blend it with your fingers across your cheeks.

DIY Gel Eyeliner

You can make your own gel eyeliner if you are ever in dire need. You will need a regular kohl pencil and a match or lighter. After that, place the pencil under the flame for a second and let it cool for 15 seconds. As the pencil becomes more flexible and easier to use, its consistency will change. The new, smudgier gel eyeliner will now glide smoothly onto your eyes.

Quick Smokey Eye

You don’t have to use a lot of eyeshadow or blend a lot for smokey eyes. There is an easy way around this. Use an eye pencil to draw a hashtag at the outer corners of your eyes. Blend with a smudger. This will instantly give you a smokey, dark-colored eye with a great blend of light and dark.

Make your lipstick last longer

Lipstick can end up anywhere, even on your lips. This trick will help you prolong the life of your lipstick if it keeps disappearing at the end of the day. After wiping your lips, place a tissue on top of your lips and dust some translucent powder. This will set the color and help it last longer.

Fake the Cheekbones

Even though not everyone is born with jaw-dropping cheekbones, it’s possible to fake them. It takes only a little bit of sculpting. Begin by puckering your cheeks to locate the hollows. Next, apply a contour powder or nude blush in the sunken region under your cheekbones. Apply a peachy blush beginning at the apples of your cheeks, moving outwards, and lightly blending it with the nude blush underneath. Add a touch of shimmer to the top of your cheekbones, and under your temples.

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