Under-eye bags can be a nightmare when you wake up in the morning. They can quickly make your face look tired or sick and turn it from a fresh, clean appearance to a flat one in ten seconds. Although concealer and makeup can mask the problem, it is not the best solution. Your best options for removing under-eye bags are prevention and treatment. If you find yourself stressing over the first glance in the mirror every morning, here are some ways to get rid of your undereye bags.

Under-eye bags: Causes

Fluid or fat accumulation below the eyes can cause puffy, discoloured and often swollen under-eye bags. Fat accumulation is normal as we age, but many things can cause fluid buildup. Poor sleep habits are a common reason for puffy eyes. Dehydration can cause sagging under the eye area. Seasonal allergies and a high-sodium diet can also cause fluid accumulation. You may be able to identify the root cause of your under-eye bags and help in their treatment.

How to get rid of bags under your eyes?

While drinking enough water and sleeping can help reduce under-eye bags, sometimes you need more power. Creams, serums and rollers are great options. Your skin below your eyes is delicate and thin, so any treatment must be gentle but effective. It is important to gently plump and reduces puffiness, smoothen, tighten, moisturize and brighten the skin.

Eye cream

Creams are a popular choice for treating under-eye bags because they are effective and easy to incorporate into your beauty routine. It is important to choose the right cream. Creams that include caffeine and hyaluronic acids are the best. The skin is tightened, reduced puffiness and excess fluids are drained. Hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrates the skin. For best results, apply the cream regularly.

Eye Serum

Serums are similar to creams in that they can be simple to use but also highly effective depending on their formula. To treat under-eye bags, some serums contain botanical antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent collagen damage, preserve skin elasticity, and improve skin pigmentation. Other antioxidants include retinol or hyaluronic acids. Retinol is a powerful tool for producing collagen and fighting wrinkles. However, it can irritate the delicate eye area. Always test it first. You can use any serum, no matter what it is, in a tube with a rollerball to make application easy and help disperse fluid buildup.

Mask for the under-eye

Under-eye patches or masks can target your bags with hydrating agents, antioxidants, and retinol. This relaxing treatment helps reduce inflammation and stimulates collagen growth to give you youthful-looking eyes. This is a great way to unwind after a hard day. You should follow the instructions provided on the packet, but in general, aim to leave the patches on for at least 20 minutes. You should immediately see results after removing the patches.

Tea Bags

Teabags have been used for centuries as a home remedy for under-eye bags. The tea’s caffeine constricts blood vessels around the eyes, decreasing puffiness. Tannins also help reduce swelling and discolouration. This treatment can be used to remove dark shadows. It is most useful when you are short on a product. Place two tea bags in the fridge for 30 minutes, close your eyes and wait for 10 minutes.

Facial Toning Devices

Technology and electronics can be used for anything, even to remove your undereye bags. Facial toning devices have become a new way to combat the signs of ageing. These devices work by sending microcurrents to contour and shape your facial muscles. You’ll notice a thickening of the skin beneath your eyes when you gently run the tool across your face using a stroking motion. This helps to hold on to the fat. This tool, although expensive, is a great anti-ageing device that can be used consistently.

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