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Derma Dream Derma Dream is an established skincare brand offering various hardware devices, including microcurrent and red light devices designed to diminish wrinkles and improve skin quality. The company is so confident about its products they provide a 90-day refund guarantee on all their products.

However, is there any valid research supporting the devices’ technology, or are they simply an unnecessary expense? What is the best way to judge how My Derma Dream compares to other brands using microcurrent, such as NuFace? Does there exist any dangers in making use of the devices? How do actual users report their experiences?

We’ll present results from medical studies, giving our opinion on the possibility of these products being practical. We’ll also provide; honest customer reviews on My Derma Dream products.

My Derma Dream MicroSculpt Review

MicroSculpt, My Derma Dream’s most well-known product. It is a device that is microcurrent. This kind of device is intended to “work out” facial muscles and increase blood flow to the skin’s surface by applying electrical currents to the skin.

The FDA has approved microcurrent devices that have been demonstrated in Medical research to improve blood flow. However, We haven’t found any studies that suggest microcurrent devices diminish wrinkles or improve the overall quality of skin.

While we do not recommend this product and don’t believe it is a good option, we’d recommend the My Derma Dream MicroSculpt instead of NuFace since it’s less expensive ($139 instead of. $29). Because there’s no evidence that one is better than the other, it’s logical for those interested in microcurrent technology to purchase the cheaper model.

There’s a nagging nuFace warning about cancer on the product site, and My Derma Dream has no similar sign.

A well-known YouTube channel focusing on skincare known as Doctorly, operated by board-certified dermatologists, has published the results of a study on microcurrent devices and came to similar conclusions to ours:

Real, Unsponsored MicroSculpt User Reviews

Here are two TikTok videos of actual MicroSculpt users who have shared their experiences with the device. Both of them include a demonstration:

GlowUp FX is My Derma Dream’s product for red light therapy. Contrary to microcurrent, some medical studies suggest that red light therapy could help improve the appearance of the skin.

A Medical Trial The article was published in the Dermatologic Surgery The journal reported that the treatment of red light reduced wrinkles around the eyes.

We have documented this in the SolaWave Reviews review article (on an additional red-light therapy device for the face). Additionally, there is medical evidence that suggests red light therapy could improve skin appearance, reduce roughness on the skin, and increase the density of collagen when used daily.

The issue we have in the case of GlowUp FX is that there isn’t an explanation of the light wavelength utilized, which is the essential qualification for a hand-held Red light therapy system. Without knowing the frequency of the red light being used, it is impossible to tell whether the device is likely efficient, as medical science studies typically record the wavelengths used.

SolaWave’s facial red treatment device ( Amazon link here) is a better choice than GlowUp FX because that brand uses a powerful light frequency (660 nums).

In the video you can watch below, the most popular beauty blogger Dr. Dray who’s a dermatologist, examines the research regarding red light therapy for improving the appearance of skin:

Questionable Health Claims on My Derma Dream Site

We disagree with Several doubtful health claims on the My Derma Dream website.

The company claims on its MicroSculpt website that it works by “draining facial lymph nodes” and “toxins are removed.” The company does not provide any proof of this claim which is not scientifically valid.

While electrocurrent devices can increase lymph circulation, there’s no evidence that they remove toxins. The entire idea is untrue. Toxins don’t sit on the skin’s surface, waiting to be released magically through an electric current device. It’s not how the body functions.

My Derma Dream claims on their Facial Remodeling Wand page that the device uses “thermal treatment” “for detoxification & drainage.” However, there is no evidence for this claim, and it doesn’t make sense.

What exactly is going to be “drained?” If heat treatment effectively detoxifies the skin, why is this device superior to using a hot bath or sauna? What’s the cost of improving the skin’s temperature?

We advise consumers to be cautious about brands of skincare who make bold claims regarding health without proving these claims. This is a sign of a low-quality product.

Some skin care products contain ingredients proven in clinical studies to be effective in decreasing wrinkles and improving the appearance of skin all around.

Annie Mak Vitamin C Serum It is our top skin care selection due to its effectiveness and clean formula. It has Hyaluronic acid. It was described as a “skin-rejuvenating biomedicine” in the form of a Medical review because of its ability to diminish wrinkles and signs of aging on the face.

The interested consumer can research Annie Mak Vitamin C Serum through this hyperlink to the webpage on the website.

Hydraglow ranks as our best moisturizing selection. It comes with bakuchiol As an active ingredient, which was mentioned in a 2014 Clinical trial article as “clinically proven to have anti-aging effects.”

Customers who are interested in purchasing Hydraglow via the secure checkout linked below:

Bulletproof Collagen powder is the one oral supplement we recommend for skin quality improvement.


We don’t recommend any one of the My Derma Dream products reviewed. MicroSculpt utilizes microcurrent technology, but we haven’t found any evidence from a clinical study that suggests this technology improves skin quality or decreases wrinkles. MicroSculpt does not provide any proof of this either.

If you’re looking to buy a device that uses microcurrent, this one made through My Derma Dream is cheaper than NuFace, so it’s wise to invest in the MicroSculpt.

GlowUp FX is a portable red light therapy device, and it has been clinically proven effective in reducing the signs of aging. We don’t recommend this device because My Derma Dream fails to reveal the wavelength of the light utilized, which is the most crucial element for this kind of device.

Derma Dream Derma Dream makes several bogus and unsubstantiated medical claims on their site, and we ask the company to provide evidence of these claims or take them off their site.

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