Purple blush on fair skin

The purple blush is both intense and playful. You can imagine wine-flushed cheeks or a raspberry popsicle staining your face on a hot summer night. Purple blush looks great on people with darker skin tones like mine because it goes so well with brown shades. Shades of purple will flatter all complexions, regardless of skin tone. You have options. It’s one shade we finally tried, and all had an Aha moment, says Sara Wren, Director of Artistry, Milk Makeup.
When I first experimented with purple, I used a lipstick that I had. I wanted to give my cheeks an electric violet hue, but my blushes were either too orange or red. I loved the way my face looked after carefully blending out the lipstick.Purple blush, however, is not a new thing. Sara explains that ancient makeup users used minerals and fruits to create the perfect shade. They crushed blackberries on their cheeks to create a purple stain.

How to select the perfect purple blush shade

Sara says the key to finding the perfect purple blush for you is to find a formula that can be built up, particularly in bright, bold shades. These tend to work well with a variety of skin tones. She says that she gravitates towards sheer, buildable liquids or creams in brighter colors for clients who are new to using purple blush. For this reason, she often uses Bionic Blush Beyond and Lip + Cheek Quickie.

Sara says that while bold, rich purples work well for many skin tones and shades, you should start with lilac if your skin is fair or medium.

How to select the best purple blush formula

It can be challenging for purple blush beginners to choose the right product. Sara recommends looking for something in a liquid or cream formula. These melt into the skin and leave it with a dewy look.

These products are also super versatile. Sara says that the benefit of using creams or liquids for a perfect purple cheek is that you can mix them with other products similar in texture. Mix Bionic Blush Beyond with Bionic Glow Virtual or layering our highlighter Lit over Lip + Cheek in Quickie.

Powder blushes are an excellent option for those who want to experiment with their makeup. Color chalk is an all-purpose pigmented shimmering stick that can also be used on the lips, cheeks, and eyes. Bounce is an intense plum color that works well as a powered cheek blush. The glow is intensified, and the application is made more accessible when you mix Bounce with liquid laminators such as Bionic Glow Virtual or Reality.

How to apply purple blush

Sara has a few tips for applying blush, depending on the texture. She says, “I always recommend using the back of your hands when applying liquids and creams.” This gives you more control over the application. Sara uses a brush or her fingers to apply the product. Don’t you have any cream blush or liquid blush? No worries. Powder formulas can be great too. Sara’s tip: “I recommend using a fluffy brush to achieve a soft wash.”

When you choose to wear purple blush, remember that the color asks you to be bold, playful and perhaps a bit royal. Confidence is the key to any look.

Meet the Expert

Sara Wren is Milk Makeup’s Director of Artistry. She is responsible for all makeup artistry, including directing and educating the Milk Makeup field team, starring in social media videos and traveling to different markets to spread the Milk Makeup good vibes. Sara enjoys DIY hair color experiments, tacos, basketball and searching for vintage cosmetics.

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