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Office Makeup

Have you ever wondered if your orange Lipstick cost the job? You might wonder if the fuchsia blush you love keeps you away from big meeting invites. You are not paranoid. Your office appearance is just as important as your date night cat-eye. Are you unsure how to do it? No worries! No worries! Michele Mavi (atrium staffing) is a career and interview expert. Ricky Wilson from Dior, a celebrity makeup artist, will show you how to rock your face no matter what office environment.

For a job interview:

Mavi states, “Your goal should be to enhance your natural beauty, not overshadow it.” “If someone walks in to my office with a smoky eyes, red lips and flushed cheeks I will wonder where she went. That’s not how you want to leave your employer.”

1. Flawless skin wins every time. However, “Skip the foundation. Wilson says that some foundations look too heavy. A neutral blush or bronzer will make you look healthy in office lighting. It can be blended quickly with your fingers. This is great for last-minute touch-ups.

2. Your eyes can be subtly enhanced. It would be best to leave the glittery shadows and thick black eyeliner for drinks with the girls. You don’t want your face to look like a Vegas showgirl unless it’s the job you are applying for. Wilson suggests a plum, or soft brown, on the lid and in the crease. Ten cuidado with brown — more café con leche than Cafe negro

3. Avoid gloss. Experimenting with too much gloss can make it look like you are drooling. Wear a hydrating, long-lasting neutral pink or peach lipstick like E.l.f. Essential Lipstick in “Classy,” $1.

4. Nail it. Sorry, nail-art lovers. Mavi states, “Glamoury, glittery nails are not appropriate for an office setting.” Would you like to be called the Burberry-print girl if people didn’t know your name? It is important to keep your and neat and well-maintained. It’s easy to choose neutrals and light pinks. Light pinks and neutrals are great choices for more creative settings (think fashion). 

Get the offer:

Congrats! Congratulations! Mavi suggests that you look around to see how far you can take your makeup. If your boss is Nicki Minaj, you can get away with glam lids and trendy lipsticks. Do not focus on one aspect at a given time. Your boss may be more Betty La Fea than you are. She can ask you if you think your work is too hard before a large client meeting.

1. Red Lipstick can be worn to work, contrary to popular belief. Wilson says that a red lip can make you feel more confident. You can still rock your Rojo but keep it neutral everywhere else. While blue-based reds can be too dramatic, brick and tomato reds (Rouge Dior Lipstick in “9999”, $34) are more subtle.

2. Use caution when spraying. You can now wear perfume once you have been hired. However, it is best to stick with light scents. You can also try one that contains power-boosting ingredients such as rosemary.

3. Are you ready to deliver a powerful presentation? Mavi suggests that you should be more expressive in intimate settings. Your audience will feel that you are close enough to them to establish a connection. A peach pencil can be used on the waterline to make your eyes appear larger. Use a bold, matte, and long-lasting colour to make your lips stand out in larger spaces. Nervous? Instead of blushing, try a bronzer. According to polls, women who have a tan feel more confident.


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