The ordinary botox in a bottle

As a young millennial, TikTok has been my primary source for finding the newest skincare tips, makeup duplicates, and the latest trends in hair and beauty styles. However, the moment Gen Z beauty enthusiasts flag the product (often making it viral status), I take a seat and listen.

Recently it was reported that the #botoxinabottle hashtag has been trending on social media. “botoxinabottle” has garnered an incredible 16 million views, and more, thanks to skin-Tokers blending two edgy serums for skin care. They claim that, when combined, they provide similar outcomes to Botox’s smooth, glowing skin and reduced wrinkles and fine lines. The products in question are not more than the Ordinary’s Argireline Solutions 10 percent, PS5.50, and Matrixyl 10 10% + HA PS9.50. At PS15, when combined, the cost is a fraction of the cost for botox injections, which could cost as much as at least PS350.

The main ingredients are the argireline and matrixyl (peptides, proteins that smooth and restore skin) and the hyaluronic acid that hydrates the skin profoundly and smooths fine lines. I’ll be sharing more details about the promising results later. Today the beauty fans on TikTok are applauding their serums in hundreds, particularly @sarahpalmyra, who shared with the 811.4k followers that she’s “blown away by the results” after applying both products for four weeks. She also said she’s most pleased with the improvement in frown lines that line her eyebrows. Sarah isn’t alone and is enthused about mixing the two treatments. @sieraalexis revealed that she’s contemplating whether or not to go in for Botox. In a YouTube video, she stated: “Before you go booking an appointment, I believe I’ve found the solution that could literally alter every aspect of our lives. If I say my story, I went to sleep, experienced a tiny bit of an expression line, I put this on, and I am up next morning without any wrinkles. …” In addition, via TikTok, @cosmetics_qween noticed a change in her smile, frown lines, and forehead wrinkles. She proclaimed: “I’m using this on my wedding day!”

I decided to put the products to the test by myself. Before I did, I talked with Daniel Ezra, the award-winning Ophthalmic and Oculoplastic consultant physician and Medical Director of the NEO Clinic in London and 152 Harley Street, for his opinion on Botox.

What’s Botox, and how is it used?

Before we get to the details, fine wrinkles and lines are a natural consequence of aging, but they can cause a sense of unease for sure. It’s called ‘Instagram Face’ or celeb influence, and cosmetic tweaks are increasing. A recent Save Face and a VICE UK Snapchat poll discovered that 51,000 respondents compare cosmetic tweaks to having a manicure or haircut. Botox is a well-known one. “Botox is otherwise known as botulinum toxin,” claims Dr. Ezra. “When injected, it blocks certain nerve signals that make muscles contract, causing the muscles to relax. This then temporarily reduces or eliminates unwanted lines and wrinkles.” Dr. Ezra says that the effects of Botox typically last from 3 to 6 months. They usually show results in 24 to 36 hours. The entire product appears after about a week. “Lifestyle factors can contribute to how long effects last,” Dr Ezra.

At 32, my face begins to lose its elasticity. And while the lines on my forehead tend to be invisible when wearing a neutral look, they appear after making a frown or raising my eyebrows, and my makeup tends to settle on the lines. I’ve started to consider the best way to prevent it from happening rather than treating it. I asked Dr Ezra. “Typically, patients in their early 30s are at a good stage to begin preventative injections,” he informed me, “as this tackles fine lines before they can set into deep wrinkles.”

Jenny’s forehead and brow lines before the use of products

The market for injectables is on the rise; however, there are plenty of reasons people might be looking for alternative options that are more natural. Personally, a fear of needles is one reason I’d like to see results from skin care. The price of Botox is another factor, and so are the dangers associated when you undergo any treatment. “Injections are an expert procedure and should be administered by a qualified and trained practitioner,” Dr. Ezra. “Do your research into a clinic to ensure staff are fully trained and have evidence to prove their qualifications. You can also check that the practitioner is registered with their relevant regulatory authority e.g. the General Medical Council.” Dr. Ezra states that several non-medical clinics are now beginning to offer Botox at less than the cost. He cautions that medical staff may be unprepared to administer injectables. This could result in ‘botched’ work. With this in mind, The Ordinary’s natural choice convinced me.

Does TikTok’s “Botox inside bottles’ work?

I’m already a massive enthusiast of The Ordinary’s skincare line and its low prices. This duo is an absolute bargain. The product description stated that both argireline and matrix can be applied in the morning and evening. I applied both twice a day, putting the cleansed skin. Although The Ordinary Advice uses small amounts of each serum around the forehead and the eyes, TikTokers are obsessed with applying the product to facial wrinkles, which is why I tried using the mixture on my forehead too. Acids that exfoliate along with Vitamin C conflict with Argireline; therefore, I used the two serums on their own, followed by a gentle and moisturizing ointment.

Both products are transparent, white liquid. They are watery in consistencyArgriline is more so. Despite their thin texture, they absorbed quickly and left no residue. Although I squinted in the mirror following every application, I saw no changes until one week’s usage. Instead of a particular part of my face appearing miraculously smooth and de-wrinkled, my skin was radiant as if having a wonderful day for my skin. I noticed that the frown line between my eyebrows was not getting any more profound, but it could be the case if I hadn’t applied this combo. I don’t believe applying the cream froze my skin’s motion as TikTok suggests (I’m still making expressions); however, it seemed to impact my wrinkles positively.

The lines of Jenny’s forehead and brows two weeks after the use of products

What is the best way to compare topical treatments that differ from injectables? Dr. Ezra clarifies: “The effects of topical treatments are modest at best but may be a good option for those who may not want to try injectables, those who don’t like needles or perhaps those who cannot afford wrinkle injections.” In addition to these two viral and treatment products, Dr. Ezra suggests looking for a skincare product with ingredients that boost collagen production, like peptides and retinol. “They also may be of use to extend time between Botox appointments,” Dr. Doctor Ezra, “however, in terms of effectiveness, it’s difficult to compare them to the results of injectables.”

Does The Ordinary’s duo entice me to steer clear of my Botox needle? It’s unlikely. However, TikTok has come up tops for the months or even the coming year, and this hack is worth a try.

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